HC Deb 19 July 1909 vol 8 cc5-6
Captain CRAIG

asked what is the total Admiralty contribution towards the Calliope Dry Dock at Auckland, New Zealand; what is the annual subsidy paid for the same; what year this arrangement was entered into with the owners of the dock; for what reason was it made; whether any other dry docks at home or abroad are subsidised or contributed to by the Admiralty; and, if so, where are they situated?


The Calliope Dry Dock was built by the Auckland Harbour Board without any contribution from the Admiralty. It was completed in 1888. The dock was not properly equipped with workshops, etc., and in 1899, after considerable discussion, the Admiralty entered into an agreement with the Harbour Board for the equipment of the dock in consideration of a subsidy. A further agreement was made in 1903, under which additional equipment was to be provided in consideration of an increase in the subsidy. The total sum to be paid as subsidy is £150,000, which is to be spread over 30 years from the date of completion at the rate of £5,000 a year. Pending the entire completion of the work, smaller annual payments are made on completed sections of works. The subsidy was granted with a view of getting the dock properly equipped. At present a subsidy is being paid on one other dock only, namely, the Colonial Government Dock at Colombo.