HC Deb 15 July 1909 vol 7 cc2284-5

asked the Chief Secretary for Ireland whether he will state the number of land purchase annuitants or payers of interest in lieu of rent who were in arrears with their instalments on 1st December, 1908, and have not yet paid up their arrears; what steps have been taken to enforce payment in such cases; and whether he will state the number of annuitants or tenant purchasers paying interest in lieu of rent who have been deprived of their holdings in consequence of the non-payment of arrears since the passing of the Irish Land Act of 1903?


Out of £734,412 collectable from 60,549 purchasers under the Irish Land Act, 1903, in respect of half-yearly instalments which fell due on 1st December last, £3,601 remained unpaid by 463 purchasers on the 1st instant. As regards interest in lieu of rent, £1,590,447 was collectable in the year ending 31st March last from 165,991 persons who had signed purchase agreements. Of this sum £17,446 remained unpaid by 2,203 persons on the 1st instant. Legal proceedings are pending for the recovery of these arrears. Thirty-three holdings have been sold since the passing of the Act of 1903 for non-payment of annuities, and the Land Commission have recovered possession of six other holdings on the same ground.