HC Deb 13 July 1909 vol 7 cc1838-9

asked whether, in view of the fact that the Nationalists have always protected the lives and property of Europeans and are prepared to continue to do so, the right hon. Gentleman will make representations to the Government of Russia that a large and growing body of public opinion in this country regards the Russian military expeditions into Persia as unnecessary to the safety of Europeans and hostile to the establishment of law and order under a permanent system of constitutional government?


It is no doubt the case that the Nationalist leaders are prepared to do their best to protect the lives and property of Europeans, but it is difficult to say whether they would under all circumstances be able to control all their followers or the consequences of disturbances. The advance of the Russian force to Kazvin is a measure of precaution which, it is to be hoped, it may prove unnecessary to follow up by any more active steps. The matter does not appear to me to be one as to which representations can properly or usefully be made to the Russian Government.


May I ask whether the Royalist leaders have also failed to protect the lives and property of Europeans, and whether the Foreign Office, in communicating with foreign Governments, recognises the hon. Member for Brentford (Dr. Rutherford) as representing a large and growing public opinion in this country?