HC Deb 01 July 1909 vol 7 cc599-600

(for Mr. Nannetti) asked the Vice-President of the Department of Agriculture (Ireland) whether he is aware that an order has been made by the Treasury that ship inspectors who are not pensionable officers should retire on reaching the age of 60 years, which is a hardship on men of good character; and, seeing that other officials of a similar character are allowed to serve until 65, whether he can see his way to recommend that the ship inspectors be allowed the privilege of remaining in their situation until the 65 years' age is reached, provided they are able and fit for service; and if not, whether any compensation can be granted to those men who are compelled to retire?


The Department's ship inspectors, who are for the most part police pensioners, retire on attaining 60 years of age, the limit fixed by the Treasury several years ago after inquiry into the duties, conditions of service, and pay of these officers. This rule has been applied in a number of cases; and the Department are not prepared to reopen the question with the Treasury. The ship inspectors' employment is on a temporary basis, and no compensation is payable on ceasing to hold office.