HC Deb 01 December 1909 vol 13 c500

asked the Home Secretary: (1) Are Mrs. Chapin and Miss Neilans, who were recently sent to prison for three months without the option of a fine, being forcibly fed? (2) Is the forcible feeding having any bad effect on their general health? and (3) in view of the political nature of their offence, and the statement of the prisoners that if they were treated as political prisoners they would obey all prison rules, will you recommend their removal to the first division?


Mrs. Chapin takes her food quietly. Miss Neilans has refused her food, and, as all attempts to persuade her to take it failed, the medical officer has had to feed her by tube. Her health is not suffering. I am sorry I cannot transfer them to the first division. It was for the judge to decide in what division they should be placed, and he ordered them to be in the second division, where they have the advantage of separation from ordinary criminals of the third division.