HC Deb 27 August 1909 vol 9 cc2494-6

The Acts specified in the Second Schedule to this Act are hereby repealed to the extent mentioned in the third column of that schedule.

Question proposed, "That the Clause stand part of the Bill."


I wish to call the attention of the Attorney-General to the proposal to repeal Section 2 of the Land Act of 1903 as it affects Section 19 of the Labourers Act of 1906. The right hon. Gentleman has already undertaken that he will make it clear that Section 19 of that Act shall be made applicable to the Section 17 of this. Bill, which is to be substituted for Section 2 of the Act of 1903. I want the right hon. Gentleman to say whether he will make it absolutely clear that Section 19 of the Labourers Act of 1906 is not consequentially repealed. Will he put words in Clause 17 of this Bill on the Report stage to make that absolutely clear?


That matter has been considered by the draftsman, and he has already put words in Sub-section (4) of Clause 17 for the very purpose. The Subsection says: "Section two of the Act of 1903 shall cease to have effect save as regards the sale of any parcels of land in respect of which purchase agreements have been entered into before the passing of this Act, and any reference in any enactment to that Section shall be construed as a reference to this Section." The last words of the Sub-section have reference to the matter which my hon. Friend has in his mind. I think the thing is as clear as possible; but, if my hon. Friends have any doubt on the matter, I will undertake that most careful consideration will be given to it between now and the Report stage, and if it can be made clearer I will introduce words for that purpose.


What I fear is that the words at the end of Sub-section (4) might be held as not applying to Clause 17 of the Labourers Act of 1906.


If that is so, I think the words could be made a separate sub-section.


This Clause confirms the Schedules, and, as we shall never have an opportunity of discussing the Schedules, I only want to ask the Government to examine the Schedules with a certain amount of care in certain directions. I am not at all sure that by leaving in Clause 72 you leave the financial relations of the Congested Districts Board and the Land Commission to the Treasury in the way that is intended. I could give many examples which lead me to believe that the second Schedule as it at present stands has not been fully considered. All that I ask is that the Government should go carefully through the previous Acts before asking us to pass the Schedule. We have had difficulties arising in connection with schedules before.


I agree that it is a matter of very great importance. After the full discussion of the Bill the Schedule will be gone through.

Question put, and agreed to.

Mr. BIRRELL proposed the following new Clause:—