HC Deb 20 August 1909 vol 9 c1671

May I ask your permission, Mr. Speaker, and the permission of the House, to present on the floor of the House a somewhat important Petition signed by about 18,000 persons. It relates to the Bill introduced by the Lord Advocate entitled "A Bill to Amend the Law as to the Letting and Bating of Small Dwelling Houses in Scotland, and for other purposes relating thereto."

The petitioners, being householders in Glasgow and elsewhere, are desirous that two Amendments should be made in the Bill—and prayed the House to order "(1) That a dwelling house as set forth in Clause 2 of the. Bill means a dwelling house let or to be let at a rent of £25 or under of yearly rent; and (2), that Clause 19 of the Bill as introduced be deleted, the Bill being made universally applicable to Scotland."