HC Deb 20 August 1909 vol 9 cc1742-3

(1) Where the undertakers are a local authority, they may provide, let for hire, and fix, repair, and remove, but shall not manufacture, lamps, electric lines, fuses, switches, fittings, lamp holders, motors, and other fittings for lighting and motive power, and for all other purposes for which electrical energy can or may be used, and may provide all materials and work necessary or proper in that behalf, and with respect thereto may demand and make such remuneration or rents and charges and make such terms and. conditions as may be agreed upon:

Provided that—

  1. (a) The undertakers shall so adjust the charges to be made by them for any such fittings, or for the fixing, repairing, or removal thereof, as to meet any expenditure by them under the powers of this section in connection therewith (including interest upon moneys borrowed for those purposes and all sums applied to Sinking Fund for repayment of moneys so borrowed);
  2. (b) Every sum charged by the undertakers to a consumer in respect of the provision of such fittings, or the fixing, repairing, or removal thereof, shall be separately stated on every demand note delivered by the undertakers to the consumer;
  3. (c) The total sums expended and received by the undertakers in connection with the purposes in this section mentioned in each year (including interest and sinking fund) shall be separately, shown in the published accounts of the electricity undertaking of the undertakers for that year;

(2) Any such fittings as aforesaid let for hire by any undertakers (whether a local authority or not) shall not be subject to distress or to the landlord's remedy for rent, or liable to be taken in execution under process of law or proceedings in bankruptcy against the person in whose possession the same may be: Provided that such fittings are marked or impressed with a sufficient mark or brand indicating the undertakers as the actual owners thereof.

Sir F. BANBURY moved to leave out the Clause. I understand the hon. Gentleman will not accept the Amendment I have on the Paper, but will agree to the omission of the Clause.


The Board of Trade accept the Amendment with much regret. They would prefer to have the Clause as it is printed in the Bill.

Question, "That the Clause stand part of the Bill," put, and negatived.