HC Deb 17 August 1909 vol 9 c1069

presented a Petition from the Mayor, Aldermen, and Citizens of the City of Norwich, and from certain inhabitants of Norfolk and Suffolk, and others interested in the preservation and free opening of the Norfolk Broads and rivers, pointing out that from time immemorial until about the year 1860, such parts of the rivers of Norfolk and Suffolk and the broadenings out thereof technically known as "Broads," were always used by any of His Majesty's subjects for purposes of passage, recreation, and fishing, without the let or hindrance of anyone, and that about such year certain claims began to be put forward by the riparian owners to prevent such public user; and praying that a Royal Commission with power to call and examine witnesses on oath may be set up, with a view to public and private rights being clearly ascertained and legally defined.

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