HC Deb 28 October 1908 vol 195 cc282-3

I beg to ask the Postmaster-General whether he is aware that an application was made to the postmaster of Stafford for employment, upon the statement made by the Prime Minister; that the applicant produced good references but was asked whether he had served in either the Army or the Navy, and upon his stating that he had been in neither the one nor the other he was informed by the postmaster that none but ex-Army or Navy men could be engaged; and whether this action is in accord with his instructions.


The man in question applied to the postmaster of Stafford for employment as postman. He was informed that he was not eligible for such a post, as, under an arrangement of many years standing, they are reserved for ex-telegraph messengers or for ex-soldiers or sailors. The postmaster endeavoured, however, to obtain for him an auxiliary place but was not able to find a vacancy. His name was not recorded for Christmas work, as it appeared that he was in casual employment as a warder in the prison; and I have already informed the House we desire, as far as possible, to take on for this work men wholly unemployed. The man in question made no reference to the Prime Minister's speech and, indeed, as will be seen from the above, he did not come within its meaning.

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