HC Deb 26 October 1908 vol 194 cc1593-4
MR. ASHLEY (Lancashire, Blackpool)

I beg to ask the Secretary of State for War whether the recent trials of the new howitzer have been satisfactory; and whether the new pattern gives more accurate shooting than the old gun.

I beg also to ask the Secretary of State for War whether the new howitzer

From 4th January to 10th October, 1908. From 1st December, 1905, to 28th December, 1907. From 1st June, 1902, to 30th November, 1905.
Woolwich - 106 3,081 4,567
Enfield - 18 88 1,252
Waltham Abbey - 30 139 453
154 3,308 6,272

Although the reductions made by the late Government were very much larger, that was natural because it was very soon after the war, and I have no doubt we should have taken the same course.

is heavier or lighter than the gun it supersedes; and what approximately is its effective range.


In reply to these Questions the new field howitzer is still under trial and it is not considered desirable to publish any results until the howitzer is approved. I think the hon. Member may safely assume that a new pattern will not be adopted unless it is in all respects superior to the old one.


Is it intended that the new gun shall be substantially heavier than the old pattern?


I would rather not go into details now.