HC Deb 15 October 1908 vol 194 c469
MR. MCHUGH (Sligo, N.)

I beg to ask Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer whether he can state the number of persons of seventy years and upwards in England, Ireland, and Scotland, respectively, who are at present inmates of workhouses, and who have received outdoor relief since 1st January, 1908; and can he state the intentions of the Government as to an amendment of the Old Age Pensions Act in respect of such persons.


As regards the first part of the Question, I understand from my right hon. friend, the President of the Local Government Board, that no precise information is available as to the number of persons over seventy years of age who are inmates of workhouses at the present time, or who have been recipients of outdoor relief since 1st January last. It has been estimated, however, that the number might be taken as 287,000, comprising 236,000 in England and Wales, 19,000 in Scotland, and 32,000 in Ireland. I should add that in this estimate the total number in workhouses and other Poor Law institutions has been taken at 77,000, and the number in receipt of outdoor relief at 210,000. As regards the latter part of the Question, I am not at present in a position to add anything to the very full statements which wore made on behalf of the Government, when the Bill was under discussion in the House of Commons, respecting their policy with regard to disqualification on account of receipt of poor relief.