HC Deb 15 October 1908 vol 194 cc468-9
MR. BOTTOMLEY (Hackney, S.)

I beg to ask the President of the Local Government Board whether he will consider the amendment of Regulation 24 of the Old-Age Pensions Regulations, 1908, by enlarging the membership of sub-committees, having regard to the present system of grouping of boroughs for the purposes of the Act; and whether, in the event of there being a surplus from the Treasury grant in respect of the initial period, he will endeavour to arrange for such surplus to be carried forward for the purposes of the future administration of the Act, in addition to the sum provided by the Treasury scale.


I will answer this Question for my right hon. friend. Substantive Regulations under the Act are being signed to-day and will be issued this week in place of the provisional Regulations now in force. From these my hon. friend will see that his first point has been anticipated by the addition of a proviso to Regulation 24 permitting the Local Government Board in special circumstances to sanction either a greater or smaller number for the membership of a sub-committee. As regards the second point, I fear it would not be possible as a matter of accounting to carry forward balances in the manner suggested; but I will certainly cause a careful note to be taken of any savings which a pension committee may succeed in effecting out of the amounts placed at their disposal by the Treasury during the initial period for administrative expenses, and I will see that due credit is given them for their virtue, should the same committees find it necessary to come to the Treasury for indulgence on a future occasion.