HC Deb 30 November 1908 vol 197 c1104
MR. HENRY (Shropshire, Wellington)

I beg to ask the Prime Minister if, after recent and previous experiences, in order that the time and energy of Members of this House may not be devoted to consideration of Bills after the Second Reading before it is ascertained whether the House of Lords accept the principles of the provisions of Bills introduced in this House, he will consider the desirability of endeavouring to make necessary arrangements that the Committee and subsequent stages of Bills that have received a Second Reading in this House be deferred until such measures have received a Second Reading in the House of Lords.


My hon. friend has made a very novel proposal, to which, as at present advised, I should hesitate to assent.


Could not the Government easily find out what the action of the House of Lords would be by asking the Leader of the Opposition?

[No Answer was returned.]