HC Deb 25 November 1908 vol 197 cc402-3

I beg to ask the President of the Board of Education whether the expression "children in attendance" in Clause 3, subsection (3), and in the First Schedule of the Elementary Education (England and Wales) (No. 2) Bill is to be taken to mean the average attendance or the number entered on the school rolls.


It is intended that the basis should be as nearly as possible the number of children who actually attend the school day by day, using as few artificial or estimated figures as may be practicable. For this reason my right hon. friend has not inserted in the Bill the particular method of calculating average attendance now in vogue, which is artificial. If no better basis of calculation is found to be practicable, the present basis will of course be adhered to; but my right hon. friend is hopeful that some more satisfactory method may be evolved, both for this, and for other purposes of administering the Grants.