HC Deb 12 November 1908 vol 196 c559
MR. KETTLE (Tyrone, E.)

I beg to ask the Chief Secretary for Ireland a Question of which I have given him private notice. I had intended to move before putting the Question that the rule of the Intermediate Board should be disallowed, but I believe it is impossible to do that. I beg to ask the Chief Secretary whether the effect of the revised rules issued by the Commissioners of Intermediate Education in Ireland will be to make it impossible after 1909 for anyone who has passed in any grade to present himself again for examination in that grade.


That is not urgent. It can be put on the Paper in the ordinary course.


I respectfully submit that it is urgent. The rule has just been laid on the Table.


That means that it is not urgent, but that there is plenty of time. If the hon. Member puts a Question down to-night he will get an Answer on Monday.


May I point out that there are a number of allotted days, and it may not be possible to raise a discussion on this rule after eleven o'clock. The forty days may run out without any opportunity for the discussion being afforded owing to the number of allotted days or suspension of the Eleven o'clock Rule.


It will not be possible to have a discussion, whether there are allotted days or not unless the hon. Member obtains the assent of the Government to it making it practically a Government Order. The Order of the House is that I must adjourn the House when the Orders of the day have been run through.

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