HC Deb 04 November 1908 vol 195 cc1209-10
MR. ALDEN (Middlesex, Tottenham)

I beg to ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department whether, in view of the fact that the windows in the Holloway cells are not made to open and there is no direct entry of fresh air, and that the floors of the cells upon which the bedding is placed are composed of stone blocks likely to be damp at certain seasons of the year, these defects in construction will be remedied in the interests of the health of prisoners.


The windows are not made to open, but there is a direct entry of fresh air by a separate inlet for each cell, and the ventilation is satisfactory. Home of the cells at Hollo way are floored with wood blocks, some with concrete, and some with tiles. The floors are not damp, nor is the bedding placed upon the floor, but upon a shelf when not in use.