HC Deb 03 November 1908 vol 195 c948
MR. LUTTRELL (Devonshire, Tavistock)

To ask the Secretary of State for War whether his attention has been called to the fact that Hounslow Heath is now closed to the public; if so, would he state the reasons which led to this interference with public enjoyment; and whether, in consideration of the health and enjoyment of those who reside in and resort to that district, he would allow of the public being admitted on some portion of the heath.

(Answered by Mr. Secretary Haldane.) This heath is War Department training ground, and it has always been closed to the public. The only access had been through holes in the fence which the tenant for the time being failed to repair. General access to the ground would not be consistent with the purposes for which it is used by the troops stationed at Hounslow. This principle has always been acted on by the military authorities.