HC Deb 02 November 1908 vol 195 cc794-5

I beg to ask the Prime Minister whether, in view of the fact that legislation for the relief of unemployment has been promised for next year, he will consider the advisability of appointing a Select or Departmental Committee to examine and report on the various schemes which have been suggested for finding useful work for the unemployed; whether he can now state when the House can be placed in possession of the results of the Coast Erosion Commission so far as it relates to such schemes; and whether it would be possible immediately to commence the task of organising and co-ordinating the local labour registries in such a way as to form a complete national system.


I do hot think we have yet reached the stage at which such an inquiry as is suggested in the first part of the Question could usefully be undertaken. In reply to the second part of the Question, I understand that the Royal Commission hope to report on afforestation early next year, and that the Commission's investigations into the other subjects referred to them are likely to occupy a considerable time. With regard to the last paragraph of the Question, I would refer my hon. friend to the answer given by my right hon. friend the President of the Board of Trade to my hon. friend the Member for East Northamptonshire, in which an assurance was given that the whole subject was being thoroughly explored by the Board of Trade in relation to the general questions of unemployment, under-employment, and casual labour.


asked whether the Prime Minister was aware that an Inter-Departmental Committee of the French Cabinet was now considering what steps should be taken, and whether a similar course should not be followed here.


I was not aware of what was happening in France, but I can assure the hon. Gentleman that the Cabinet here is fully alive to the matter.