HC Deb 27 May 1908 vol 189 cc1068-71
MR. BOWERMAN (Deptford)

To ask the Secretary to the Treasury, if he can state the dates upon which the existing contracts for printing and stationery work, respectively, for the various Government Departments expire, with the names of the contractors for each class or group of work, and the localities in which the work is being produced, and if any portions of the contracts in question are sub-let, and, if so, the names of the sub-contractors and the localities in which such work is being carried out.

(Answered by Mr. Hobhouse.) The current bookwork printing contracts are about thirty-nine in number; thirty-one expire on the 31st December next, and the remainder at various dates up to March, 1912. Other contracts are:—Jobwork printing, twenty-six contracts, 30th June, 1908 to 30th September, 1912. Printing of a miscellaneous character, ten contracts, 6th August, 1908 to 1st August, 1910. Lithography, seven contracts, 31st December, 1908 to 31st December, 1912. Leather binding, seven contracts, 30th September, 1909 to 30th April, 1913. Vellum and account book binding, thirteen contracts, 31st March, 1909 to 3rd September, 1913. There are, in addition, some few contracts for specific works both in printing and binding; the number of such orders unexecuted is between eighty and ninety, and they should all be completed by the end of the year. Some fifty-two contracts, which expire on the 5th July, 1910, for printing calendars of prisons for His Majesty's Prisons, are executed locally throughout the country. Seven contracts for printing garrison and district orders far Army Commands are executed locally, and expire on the 28th February, 1910. No permission, such as is required by the terms of the contract, has been given by the Stationery Office for the sub-letting of any of the contracts or of any portion of them. The following are the holders of the various term contracts (as distinguished from those of a specific work),

Contractor. Number of Contracts held. Where Executed.
Printing. Binding.
Bookwork. Job-work. Miscellaneous. Lithography. Leather. Vellum.
Abercromby, W. and W. 1 Liverpool
Anthony Brothers, Limited 1 Hereford
Banks and Co., Limited 1 Edinburgh
Browne and Nolan, Limited 1 1 Dublin
Cahill and Co. 1 2 Dublin
Campbell, D., and Son 1 1 Glasgow
Collins, G., and Son 1 London
Darling and Son, Limited. 6 London
Diprose and Bateman 1 London
Drake, Driver, and Leaver, Limited. 1 London
Eyre and Spottiswoode 7 2 1 1 London
Eraser, J 1 London
Gale and Polden, Limited 2 Aldershot
Griffith, W. P. and Sons, Limited. 9 1 London
Harrison and Sons 3 1 London
Hazell, Watson, and Viney, Limited. 2 London
Hedderwick, J., and Sons, Limited. 1 Glasgow
Keliher, J. J., and Co. Limited. 2 London
Love and Malcolmson, Limited. 1 Redhill
McCorquodale and Co., Limited. 2 2 London, Newton-le-Willows, & Wolverton

and the places at which the work is done—

Contractor. Number of Contracts held. Where executed.
Printing. Binding.
Book-work. Job-work. Miscellaneous. Lithography. Leather. Vellum.
Mackie and Co., Limited 1 Warrington.
Malby and Sons 1 London
Millington and Sons, Limited. 1 London
Morrison and Gibb, Limited 2 2 Edinburgh
Neill and Co., Limited. 2 Edinburgh
Nelson, T., and Sons, Limited. 1 Edinburgh
Nichols, J. B., and Sons 1 London
Robinson Printing Co., Limited. 1 Brighton
Stevens, W. H., Executors 1 Norwich
Suttley and Silverlock, Limited. 1 London
Thom, A., and Co., Limited 2 1 1 4 Dublin
Truscott, J., and Son Limited. 2 1 2 London
Vacher and Sons 1 London
Veale, Chifferiel, and Co., Limited. 1 London
Vernon, C. 1 London
Waterlow Brothers and Layton, Limited. 1 1 London
Waterlow and Sons, Limited 1 3 2 London
Weller and Graham, Limited 1 London
Wyman and Sons, Limited 4 1 1 London & Reading