HC Deb 31 March 1908 vol 187 cc302-3
MR. BARNES (Glasgow, Blackfriars)

I beg to ask the Secretary to the Admiralty what numbers have been promoted respectively to the rank of admiral, captain, commander, lieutenant, sub-lieutenant, gunner, boatswain, carpenter, artificer, and engineer since 1st April, 1906; what proportion do such promotions bear to the numbers of officers in

Rank. Number of Officers promoted. Total number of Officers at the present date. Percentage of promotions to total.
Rear-Admiral 34 96 (a) 35
Captain 65 250 26
Commander 101 368 27
Lieutenant 391 1,677 (b) 23
Sub-Lieutenant 396 460 86
Gunners 92 1,181 (c) 8
Signal Boatswains 6 67 (d) 9
Carpenters 7 271 (e) 3
Artificer Engineers 21 425 (f) 5
(a) Total number of flag officers.
(b) Including those promoted from chief warrant rank.
(c) Including chief gunners and chief boatswains.
(d) Including chief signal boatswains.
(e) Including chief carpenters.
(f) Including chief artificer engineers.

As regards the last part of the Question, full details of the pay of all ranks and ratings in the service will be found in the Quarterly Navy List, pages 773 to 822.