HC Deb 03 March 1908 vol 185 cc550-1

I beg to ask the Chief Secretary to the Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland whether he is aware that negotiations for the purchase of the Ardglass, county Westmeath, estate of Mrs. McEndoo and Mrs. Reid, having almost reached a satisfactory conclusion, were suddenly broken off by the owners; that proceedings have been taken against certain tenants for recovery of rent and judgment entered against three; and that upon 20th February a force of police was drafted into Rathowen and a seizure made upon the cattle of Mr. Bernard McLoughlin, one of those tenants; whether it is the intention of the Government to repeat the operation in regard to each of the other tenants against whom decrees have been secured; and whit is the meaning of resorting to such a costly arrangement as is involved in dividing the work in this manner.


No proceedings for the sale of the estate mentioned have been instituted before the Estates Com missioners, and I have no information as to any negotiations for purchase which may have taken place between the tenants and the owner. It is the fact that decrees for rent due have been obtained against three of the tenants, and on 20th February the police afforded protection to the sheriff in the execution of one of these decrees, namely, that in the case of Bernard McLoughlin. It is the duty of the police to furnish all necessary protection to the sheriff in the execution of such decrees. I have no information as to whether the remaining decrees are to be executed. The question is not one for the Government to decide.


Is the1 right hon. Gentleman aware that Mr. B. McLoughlin and other gentlemen who object to having their cattle seized by the sheriff for a just debt have themselves been concerned in cattle-driving operations in the last few weeks?

[No Answer was returned.]