HC Deb 02 March 1908 vol 185 cc321-2
SIR SEYMOUE KING (Hull, Central)

To ask the Secretary of State for India whether he is aware that the scheme of amalgamation between the police establishments of the Central Provinces and Berar, which was published in the Central Provinces Gazette of the 15th November, 1906, has caused some dissatisfaction among the officers from Berar, on the ground that officers have found themselves, as they conceive, unfairly classified in the amalgamated list, and that, while the Central Provinces officers get an average benefit of 294 rupees per mensem, the Berar officers gain an average only of 150 rupees per mensem; whether he has received any memorials on the subject from aggrieved officers, and will ascertain from the Government of India whether any are on the way; and whether this scheme is a part of the police reorganisation as settled by the Secretary of State, and therefore liable to his special control and revision.

(Answered by Mr. Secretary Morley.) I have received no memorials from police officers serving in Berar; if any have been addressed to me the Government of India will no doubt forward them in due course. The reorganisation follows generally the same lines as in other provinces, and the scheme of course requires my approval, as any other scheme of the kind would.