HC Deb 29 June 1908 vol 191 c347
SIR SAMUEL SCOTT (Marylebone, W.)

I beg to ask the Secretary of State for War what action, if any, has been taken by the London Association with respect to the allowances formerly given to non-commissioned officers of the permanent staff of Metropolitan Volunteer regiments before their transfer to the Territorial Army; whether, in view of the fact that official sanction was given to these allowances in an order by the General Officer Commanding Home District, A—1846–21, dated 15th August, 1904, he will see that no injustice is done to these soldiers, who left their regiments and joined the Volunteers under the belief that they would receive the allowance in addition to their pay.


No proposed scale of emoluments to be paid by the London County Association to the permanent staff for work outside their ordinary duties has been yet put forward by the Association. The War Office is, however, in communication with the City Association as to the scale to be fixed for the permanent staff of its units.


Did not the War Office issue a circular stating that nothing beyond £6 10s. should be paid?


was understood to say that that was not the amount.