HC Deb 25 June 1908 vol 191 cc215-6

On the Motion for adjournment,


asked whether, in view of the ruling of the Chairman of Ways and Means, which had precluded discussion of several Scottish subjects on the Vote for the salary of the Secretary for Scotland, the Patronage Secretary would make representations to the Prime Minister with the view of giving another day for the discussion of Scottish Supply. Not a word of discussion had taken place upon the administration of the ten boards that came under the Scottish Office, and he hoped another day would be given.

MR. WILLIAMSON (Elgin and Nairn)

strongly supported this request in view of the importance of the subject to be discussed on the Fishery Board Vote. It would be lamentable if no further opportunity was given to discuss other important subjects.

MR. BARNES (Glasgow, Blackfriars)

said he desired to raise the question of the unemployed in Glasgow who he thought had a substantial grievance against the Scottish Office and the Local Government Board. He hoped the Government would give them an opportunity of discussing these very important matters.


said that no opportunity had yet been given them to discuss the question of the trawlers, and he hoped another day would be given.

MR. C. E. PRICE (Edinburgh, Central)

complained that the Report of the Scottish Local Government Board had only been issued that morning, and that it appeared to Scottish Members as if there was a deliberate intention on the part of the Scottish Office to deprive the Scottish Members of opportunities for discussion. That was not fair, and if it happened again next year, he would look upon it as an attempt on the part of the Scottish Office to prevent the Committee exercising that control which it had a right to exercise.


said he would be very glad to convey the views of hon. Members to the Prime Minister, and whilst it must be obvious to the House he could not promise at that moment either a whole or even half a day, yet in the event of a general desire being expressed that further time should be afforded for the discussion of Scottish Estimates he had no doubt it would be favourably considered by the Prime Minister.

Adjourned at twenty-two minutes after Eleven o'clock.