HC Deb 25 June 1908 vol 191 c52

Return ordered, "of the gross income and outgo of the Government of the United Kingdom in the year 1906–7, and a corresponding estimate for the year 1908–9, showing for each separate department or voted service the total income from all sources and the total outgo under all heads, including in italics receipts from or payments into the Exchequer and distinguishing between: (a) Sums raised by loan; (b) sums raised by taxation; (c) payments received from the public for services rendered, including postal revenue, court fees, fees for admission to museums, sales of publications, etc.; (d) payments received from, or an estimate of the value of unpaid services rendered to, other Government Departments; (e) rents, royalties, etc., received on account of Government property or Government monopolies; (f) sums received from sale of stores, etc.; (g) sums received for fines and penalties; (h) sums refunded; (i) sums received from local authorities; (j) sums received from other Governments; and distinguishing between payments charged on votes in Supply, payments charged upon the Consolidated Fund, and other payments, including the estimated value of services received from other Government Departments, and not paid for; and further showing whether such payments were devoted to reduction of debt, or to current expenditure, or to grants to local authorities or other Governments."—(Mr. Harold Cox.)