HC Deb 25 June 1908 vol 191 c50

That they have passed a Bill, intituled, "An Act to appoint special trustees in regard to certain land and premises of the Honourable Artillery Company; and for other purposes." [Honourable Artillery Company Bill [Lords].

And, also, a Bill, intituled, "An Act for authorising and requiring the trustees of the will and codicils of the Hon. Frederick James Tollemache, deceased, to invest part of the trust funds and property in their hands, subject to the trusts of the said will and codicils, upon a transfer of a mortgage for two hundred and twenty-five thousand pounds created by the Right Hon. Ada Maria Katharine, Baroness Sudeley, the tenant for life under the said will and codicils, upon the security of her life interest under the said will and codicils and certain policies of assurance upon her own life; and for other purposes." [Tollemache Estate Bill [Lords].

Honourable Artillery Company Bill [Lords]; Tollemache Estate Bill [Lords].—Read the first time; and referred to the Examiners of Petitions for Private Bills.

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