HC Deb 25 June 1908 vol 191 c97

I beg to ask the Secretary for Scotland whether he is aware that, out of 131 prosecutions for illegal trawling ast year, no less than 100 were against the masters of foreign trawlers, ninety-six of whom were detected operating in the waters of the Moray Firth; and seeing that these foreigners have shown an indifference to the penalities inflicted, two masters having repeated the offence on eleven different occasions, one on eight occasions, three on six occasions, and two on four occasions, will he suggest to the Foreign Secretary the desirability of negotiating with the Powers under whose flag these vessels sail some arrangement under which persons of this character may have their certificates temporarily suspended.


There are objections to addition of penalities beyond those imposed by statute, and I do not see my way to approaching my right hon. friend on the lines suggested.