HC Deb 25 June 1908 vol 191 c62
MR. VILLIERS (Brighton)

To ask Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer what is the amount of the estimated State expenditure for the financial year ending 31st March, 1909, on account of the cost of supervising sugar factories in bond under the obligation imposed by the Sugar Convention, 1902; inasmuch as the grant of such expenditure is made to enable His Majesty to carry out the obligation of that Convention only, do His Majesty's Government propose to apply a portion of that grant to expenditure coming into payment after 1st September, 1908, at which date the Convention of 1902 is superseded by the Additional Act of 1907; and, if so, what authority have they, either from this House or from any Committee of this House, thus to apply the grant made for the purposes of the Sugar Convention, 1902, to the purposes of the Additional Act, 1907.

(Answered by Mr. Lloyd-George.) No separate estimate of expenditure for supervising sugar refineries in bond is framed by the Customs Department. The present estimated annual cost to the Crown of such supervision is, however, £15,245. My hon. friend is under a misapprehension in supposing that the Sugar Convention of 1902 is superseded by the Additional Act of 1907. The obligation, under Article II. of the Convention, to place sugar refineries in bond remains in full force.