HC Deb 30 July 1908 vol 193 c1730
MR. ESSEX (Gloucestershire, Cirencester)

To ask the First Commissioner of Works whether the four panels in the Strangers Lobby, two of which are now filled with mosaics, were originally intended to be all filled in with mosaic decoration; are there any cartoons or working drawings in existence intended to provide for the two vacant panels; is it intended in the near future to complete the four; and are the patron saints of Ireland and Scotland to form the motifs for the remaining designs.

(Answered by Mr. Harcourt.) I think it most desirable that the two remaining panels should be finished in mosaic, as was always intended; but I fear that the condition of the public finances will not warrant the Government at present in spending money in works of supererogation, however decorative. I may, however, suggest that these panels are very suitable for private generosity on the part of those who are addicted to the missing saints, and I shall be glad to receive any communications in this direction.