HC Deb 20 July 1908 vol 192 c1500

I beg to ask the Lord Advocate, whether he is aware of the number of official prosecutions of owners of traction engines for not employing a third man to walk in front of the engine in the county of Roxburgh; and whether, as a similar obligation imposed on the people of England and Wales by statute was repealed eight years ago, he will explain why the people of Scotland should still be prosecuted in the criminal courts where no injury or negligence is alleged against the accused?


The prosecutions in Roxburghshire on this subject for three years past are only ten in number, and apply to only three parties. As to the remainder of the question there are misapprehensions. The difference between the statutory provisions in the two countries is simply this, that in England a third person must accompany the engine, and in Scotland the third person must do so on foot. I have represented to my right hon. friend, the Secretary for Scotland, that in any amending Bill as to local government he might without disadvantage equate the Scottish with the English law in this particular.