HC Deb 08 July 1908 vol 191 c1640

To ask the Secretary for Scotland with reference to both the Aberdour Fishery Order, 1870, and the Buccleugh Fishery Order, 1870, respectively, which were confirmed by the Oyster and Mussel Fisheries Confirmation Act, 1870, what is the approximate area over which the monopoly of mussel fishing is given to the undertakers; what rent they have paid; and what sums have been expended by them in laying down spat or young mussels or otherwise improving the mussel beds during the thirty-eight years that they have had that monopoly.

(Answered, by Mr. Sinclair.) In reply to the question as regards the Buccleugh Fishery Order, 1870, the approximate area included under the Order was 5,403 acres. No rent was asked by the Crown and no outlay has been made. The intention of the Order was to protect the oyster beds, which were being depleted; but I am informed that it has not had the desired effect. So far I have not been able to obtain information with reference to the Aberdour Fishery Order; but I am making inquiries.