HC Deb 06 July 1908 vol 191 cc1227-8
MR. W. THORNE (West Ham, S.)

I beg to ask the Secretary of State for War if he will state the number of men that have joined under the Territorial Forces Act under the twelve months agreement, and how many, if any, have joined under the age of eighteen; and what is the total number of men and officers who have

Provisional Return. Territorial Force. Strength on July 1st, 1908. Summary. All Arms. (N. C. O.'s and Men.)
District. Establishment. Strength. Percentage (nearest whole number).
No. 1 (Highland) 25,965 15,332 59
No. 2 (Lowland) 27,112 15,937 59
No. 3 (Lancashire, &c.) 36,712 22,341 61
No. 4 (Welsh) 27,073 16,384 61
No. 5 (Yorkshire, &c.) 38,116 23,522 62
No. 6 (N. Midland) 19,613 12,599 64
No. 7 (S. Midland) 20,163 13,227 66
No. 8 (S. Western) 26,397 14,357 54
No. 9 (Eastern) 20,879 11,774 56
No. 10 (Home Counties) 22,045 10,268 47
London 38,124 17,610 46
Total 302,199 173,351 57
MR. ASHLEY (Lancashire, Blackpool)

Can the right hon. Gentleman say how many officers short there are?


No, Sir; but I think there is a much larger percentage of the officers than of men.

joined in the various parts of the United Kingdom up till 1st July.


The Returns are not yet quite complete. The information at present available shows that the total number of non-commissioned officers and men who have enlisted is 173,351; details by districts will be printed in the Votes and Proceedings. The number of men who have enlisted for one year is about 113,500. The Returns do not contain information regarding the ages. The total number of officers who have joined is 8,326 (excluding veterinary officers and chaplains). Appended are the figures referred to in the foregoing Answer—