HC Deb 27 February 1908 vol 185 cc50-1

I beg to ask the President of the Board of Trade if the owners of pleasure yachts pay no lighthouse, port, or harbour dues, no fees on engaging or discharging men, that they are allowed to have their stores of dutiable goods free of duty, and that merchant vessels only have the latter privilege in restricted measure, and on over-sea voyages; and, if so, would he state whether it is the intention of the Government to restrict in any way the special privileges granted to owners of Yachts.


Pleasure yachts, unless they are under five tons register, pay light dues of Is. per ton per annum, and also port and harbour dues, except at a few ports where they are exempted by special Act or otherwise. No engagement or discharge fees are charged to any yacht or other vessel in the United Kingdom. Any such fee chargeable abroad is imposed upon all vessels alike. Owners of pleasure yachts are not allowed to ship dutiable stores free of duty unless the yachts are proceeding on oversea voyages, and such stores may only be shipped then under exactly the same conditions and restrictions as apply in the case of merchant vessels. The use of dutiable stores free of duty in British waters is only allowed in the case of foreign yachts.