HC Deb 25 February 1908 vol 184 c1567
MR. CLOUGH (Yorkshire, W.R., Skipton)

I beg to ask the President of the Board of Trade whether he has received complaints as to the weighing of coal trucks at Keighley and Morecambe stations by the Midland Railway Company; and whether he will forthwith institute a full inquiry into the weighing of coal trucks, either empty or full at the collieries, or at railway stations equipped with weighing-machines for such a purpose, with a view to promoting legislation for such an adjustment of The Weights and Measures Act, 1889, as to secure honest trading between colliery proprietors and their customers by placing them under the same regulations as apply to retail coal merchants in regard to having to supply the full amount of net weight of coal that is specified in their invoices.


Complaints have been received with reference to the weighing of certain coal wagons at the stations named; inquiry is being made of the railway company concerned and I will inform my hon. friend of the, result. As regards the general question of weighing of coal wagons at collieries and on rail, various suggestions have been received and will be considered when any amendment of the Weights and Measures Act is under consideration. In the meantime I might point out that the Merchandise Marks Act, 1887, would appear to expose to heavy penalties any person incorrectly invoicing the quantity of coal forwarded.