HC Deb 24 February 1908 vol 184 c1315
Mr. BRANCH (Middlesex, Enfield)

To ask the hon. Member for the Elland Division, as representing the Charity Commissioners, if his attention has been called to the administration of a charity at Edmonton, in the county of Middlesex, left by John Wild in the year 1662 for the repairs of the parish church and for distribution to certain poor residents; and whether he will cause inquiries to be made to ascertain if the present proceeds of the charity are being used in accordance with the terms of the bequests.

(Answered by Mr. Trevelyan.) John Wild gave by his will certain property to trustees upon trust to apply the income as follows: £8 for educational purposes, £6 for apprenticing, £8 for almspeople and poor sick persons, £6 for ecclesiastical purposes, £2 for a poor person to let the water off the highways into the ditches, £3 for an audit dinner and for the trustees for their trouble, and the residue for the reparation of the parish church. The amount given for educational purposes is no longer under the jurisdiction of the Charity Commissioners, but is under that of the Board of Education. The fixed sums given for apprenticing and ecclesiastical purposes are still applicable for those purposes. The other fixed payments are applied under a scheme of the Commissioners of 18th July, 1902, with other funds, for almspeople and pensioners. The residue of the income of the charity is applied, according to the terms of the will, for the reparation of the parish church.