HC Deb 20 February 1908 vol 184 cc1004-5
MR. WALKER (Leicestershire, Melton)

To ask the Postmaster-General whether he is aware that as long ago as November, 1906, Mr. G. E. Kilby, an auxiliary postman at Syston, Leicestershire, applied for an increase of pay, showing that the wages he was receiving were lower than they should have been considering the number of hours worked; that no reply has been made to that application; and that, as the work on Mr. Kilby's walk increased to a sufficient extent to justify it being made into an established post, Mr. Kilby made an application for appointment under the regulation which provides that where the work on an auxiliary's walk grows a claim to appointment is admitted for the auxiliary concerned, and that this has been unsuccessful, and whether he will inquire into the case.

(Mr. Sydney Buxton.) I find that instructions were given in May last to pay to Mr. Kilby arrears of wages to which he was entitled, but I regret that, owing to some misunderstanding, as to which I am making further inquiry, the sum due has not so far been paid. The matter shall, however, receive attention forthwith. It is clearly stated in the conditions of engagement that auxiliary postmen have no title to promotion to established positions, and there is no regulation that where the work on an auxiliary's walk grows he acquires a claim to appointment. Full consideration was, however, given to Mr. Kilby's application when the established post at Syston was created, but as there were assistant postmen and telegraph messengers in the district with long service and claims to appointment, it was not practicable to give him the post. It was, however, found possible to give him another auxiliary duty with slightly higher wages than he had been receiving.