HC Deb 20 February 1908 vol 184 cc1035-6
MR. BRANCH (Middlesex, Enfield)

I beg to ask the Secretary to the Treasury whether his attention has been directed to the case of a man named West, recently employed at the Royal Small Arms Factory, Enfield Lock, and injured whilst so employed; whether he has considered the conditions under which this man was discharged, the series of accidents by which he was disabled, and the compensation which he has received; and whether he is willing that West should be examined by Sir Dyce Duckworth so that an accurate report of West's injuries may be obtained, and consideration given to his claim to further compensation.


Yes, sir, I am well acquainted with the circumstances of this case, and I admit that they are very distressing. I regret, however, that I cannot undertake to adopt the hon. Member's suggestion as the man has received the maximum amount of compensation to which he was entitled, unless it can be shown that his capacity to contribute to his own support has been totally destroyed by his injuries. This, however, can hardly be the case seeing that those injuries did not prevent him from being retained in the service with undiminished wages until he was finally retired in the ordinary course on the ground of age.