HC Deb 03 February 1908 vol 183 cc536-7

I beg to ask the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, whether he will state the total amount of advances applied for in connection with purchase agreements lodged under the 1903 Land Act, the amount of advances sanctioned to 31st December, 1907, the amount at present available for completing sales, and what further amount is expected to be required by 31st March next.


The following are the figures up to 31st December, 1907: In respect of direct sales 135,285 purchase agreements had been lodged representing advances amounting to £49,096,779. Of this sum, the amount of advances sanctioned was £15,991,343, covering 36,319 cases; of which £15,304,844, representing 34,465 cases, had been actually advanced. In addition the Estates Commissioners had agreed to purchase estates comprising 10,135 holdings for £3,343,579, of which £2,857,945, representing 8,569 holdings, had been advanced to vendors. The Congested District Board had agreed to purchase estates comprising 6,966 holdings for £1,208,659, of which £1,142,039 had been advanced in respect of 6,616 holdings. The amount available for advances on 31st January was £86,198. The Estates Commissioners anticipate that a further sum of £1,000,000 will be required before 31st March next.