HC Deb 18 December 1908 vol 198 cc2250-1
MR. BOULTON (Huntingdonshire, Ramsey)

To ask the Secretary of State for War if, under the Territorial Army scheme by which the Huntingdonshire Regiment was merged into the Bedfordshire Regiment, an officer with senior service in the Huntingdonshire Regiment would be preferred in the ordinary course to an officer with less service in the Bedfordshire Regiment for an appointment in the united battalion; if he is aware that Lieutenant and Quartermaster C. N. White, of the Huntingdonshire Regiment, was senior in service to Captain Plummer, of the Bedfordshire Regiment, and that Captain Hummer's superior rank to Lieutenant White's was an honorary rank; and will he say if Lieutenant White acted as quartermaster for the united regiment this year at camp, and performed his duties in a satisfactory way; and, if so, why is it that the Army Council has now passed over Lieutenant C. N. White and appointed Captain Plummer to the post of quartermaster of the 5th Bedfordshire Regiment.

(Answered by Mr. Secretary Haldane.) The appointment in question was carried out on the recommendation of the General Officer Commanding-in-Chief, Eastern Command, and I do not propose to question that recommendation.