HC Deb 16 December 1908 vol 198 cc1860-1
MR. NICHOLLS (Northamptonshire, N.)

I beg to ask the President of the Local Government Board if his attention has been called to the fact that a committee of the guardians of the Depwade Union, Norfolk, are holding a meeting on Thursday next at the Railway Tavern, Tivetshall; and if he proposes to take any steps to prevent guardians meeting in a licensed public-house for the transaction of public business.


I have made inquiry on the subject, and am informed that a special committee of the guardians propose to meet to-morrow at the Railway Hotel, Tivetshall, for the purpose of conferring with the medical officers of the union in the hope of settling an outstanding difference with regard to vaccination arrangements. Tivetshall was selected because several of the medical men have to come by rail, and would desire to return by the next train, which could not be done if the meeting were held at the workhouse, and there is no other suitable place at Tivetshall where the meeting could be held. The occasion seems to be altogether exceptional, and I do not think it necessary to take any action with regard to the matter. I may add that I fully agree with the view I understand my hon. friend to entertain, that the holding of meetings of local authorities on licensed premises is in general open to great objection.