HC Deb 14 December 1908 vol 198 cc1412-3

As amended, considered.

New clause— If the Admiralty are of opinion that the generation or use of electrical energy under or for the purposes of this Act by the companies injuriously affects, or is likely injuriously to affect, any instrument or apparatus in or adjacent to the Royal Observatory at Greenwich, including the Magnetic Pavilion, or the efficient working of such instrument or apparatus, the Admiralty may, after such inspection and inquiry as they think proper, require that the companies shall use such precautions, including insulated returns, as the Admiralty may deem necessary for the prevention of such injurious affection, and the companies shall forthwith comply with such requisition. For the purpose of this section any person authorised in writing by the Admiralty shall have access at all reasonable times to the works and apparatus of the companies, who shall give all due facilities for the inspection. Provided always, that in the event of any instrument or apparatus hereafter used in the said Observatory which may be of a different character and of materially greater delicacy than those used therein at the passing of this Act, the Admiralty shall consider, and may in their discretion determine, to what extent the powers of this section should be exercised, regard being had to the interests of the public as well as to the purposes of the instruments or apparatus, as the case may be. The Admiralty Suits Act, 1868, shall apply for the purposes of proceedings in regard to any breach of the provisions of this section or for injurious affection of the said Observatory or instruments or apparatus.'—(Mr. Lambert.)

Brought up and read the first and second time, and added to the Bill.

Amendments proposed— In page 6, line 6, at end, to insert the words 'In respect of all electric mains to be laid down under the provisions of this section, the London County Council shall (without prejudice to the rights, powers, and privileges of any local authority) have for the purposes of this subsection the same rights, powers, and privileges as if they were the local authority for the district in which such electric lines are to be laid down.' In page 13, line 35, at end, to insert the words '(7) For the purposes of Section 14 of the Schedule to the Electric Lighting (Clauses) Act, 1899, the Council shall have, in addition to any other power, rights, and privileges possessed by them under the said section, the same rights, powers, and privileges as if they were the local authority for the administrative County of London.'"—(Mr. R. Guinness.)

Amendments agreed to.

Ordered, that Standing Orders 223 and 243 be suspended, and that the Bill be now read the third time.—[The Chairman of Ways and Means.]

Bill accordingly read the third time, and passed, with Amendments.