HC Deb 08 December 1908 vol 198 cc216-7

Return ordered, "showing the number of all ordinary Poor and their Dependants chargeable to Parish Councils in Scotland during the year ended the 15th day of May, 1908, including Poor relieved whose settlements were undetermined at the 15th day of May, 1907, classified in the following forms: (1) Aggregate period of chargeability and number of times relieved, distinguishing (a) persons relieved wholly in institutions; (b) persons relieved wholly outside institutions; (c) other persons relieved; and also distinguishing, in the case of each of these classes (1) male adults; (2) female adults; (3) children.

(2) Ages and sex, distinguishing (a) persons relieved singly; (b) families—(1) heads of families, (2) dependants.
Age Groups. Males. Females.
Under 3 years
3 years and under 14 years
14 years and under 16 years
16 years and under 20 years
20 years and under 25 years
25 years and under 35 years
35 years and under 45 years
45 years and under 55 years
55 years and under 60 years
60 years and under 65 years
65 years and under 75 years
75 years and upwards

—(Mr. Sinclair.)