HC Deb 07 December 1908 vol 198 cc73-4

I beg to ask Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer whether an allowance or bounty to the amount of 3d. to 5d. per gallon is still paid by the State on whisky and other British spirits exported from this country; and, if so, whether the export of spirituous liquors is the only bounty-fed export from the United Kingdom, what is the total sum per annum paid as bounty, and what is the reason that the trade in spirituous liquors enjoys such exceptional advantages and protection.


No bounty is paid upon the export of British spirits from this country. An allowance of 3d. per gallon is granted on British plain spirits on exportation, as an equivalent to the British distiller for the cost to him of the requirements and restrictions imposed by the Revenue laws and regulations in connection with his plant and methods of manufacture. A further allowance of 2d. (i.e., 5d. in all) is granted an British compounds in consideration of the loss due to the manufacture being required by law to be carried on with duty-paid spirits on premises distinct from those of a distiller. These allowances are granted in order to put the British distiller on an equality with the foreign distiller, who is not hampered to the same degree by the Revenue laws of this country. The sum paid as allowances on the exportation of spirits (plain and compound) for the year ended 31st March, 1908, was £113,807.