HC Deb 02 December 1908 vol 197 cc1429-30
MR. C. B. HARMSWORTH (Worcestershire, Droitwich)

To ask the President of the Board of Trade what are import duties on British salt in the several European countries, in the United States of America, in India, and in the self-governing Colonies of the Crown, respectively, classifying the salt as brown, light brown, pink and dark red rock, and as manufactured table salt.

(Answered by Mr. Churchill.) The information desired by my hon. friend will be found fully set out on pages 589– 590 of the Foreign Import Duties Return [Cd. 3859], and on pages 383–385 of the Colonial Import Duties Return [Cd. 3708]. The only amendments to be made to this information since the publication of these Returns refer to Bulgaria, where the duty on rock and kitchen salt is now 6 frs. per 100 kilogs. (2s. 5¼d. per cwt.) with an additional octroi duty of 20 per cent. of the Customs duty, and Australia where light brown and pink rock salt have been added to the free list.