HC Deb 30 April 1908 vol 187 cc1400-1
*CAPTAIN FABER (Hampshire, Andover)

I beg to ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department whether his attention has been called to the inquest held on Tuesday, 28th;January, on R. C. Drummond, who was proved to have died from syncope from delirium caused by a fall at one o'clock on a Sunday morning in the North Camberwell Radical Club, and whose death was proved to-have been accelerated by long-continued alcoholic excesses; and whether he can insert provisions in the Licensing Bill to prevent the excessive consumption of drink in such clubs.


My right hon. friend has not had before him the facts of the case mentioned, and is unable to say whether or not the alcoholic excesses which are stated to have accelerated the death took place in a club. The question of legislative restrictions on the sale of liquor in clubs is receiving the full attention of the House in the debates on the Licensing Bill, and I would venture to suggest can be discussed in those debates with greater advantage than by way of Question and Answer.


May I ask the hon. Gentleman whether he would think it desirable to take steps against this club which, in the words of the Prime Minister, appears to be "a vicious drinking club?"


That is a matter of opinion.

EARL WINTERTON (Sussex, Horsham)

Having regard to the allegations which have been made against this club, will the hon. Gentleman consider the desirability of instructing a detective-inspector of the Metropolitan Police to enter the club disguised as a temperance reformer?


As a tariff reformer.


There is no power at present to enter a club except under a warrant, but it is proposed to remedy that by the Licensing Bill.

MR. CLAUDE HAY (Shoreditch, Hoxton)

Will the hon. Gentleman consider the advisability of consulting the president of this club, who, I believe, is the Parliamentary Secretary to the Admiralty?

[No Answer was returned.]