HC Deb 27 April 1908 vol 187 cc1024-5

The following Papers, presented by Command of His Majesty during the Easter Recess, were delivered to the Librarian of the House of Commons during the Recess, pursuant to the Standing Order of 14th August; 1896:—

Army (Militia Units).—Copy of Return showing the Establishment of each Unit of Militia in the United Kingdom and the numbers present, absent, and wanting to complete, at the Training of 1907.

Cancer Research (Colonies)—Copy of further Correspondence relating to the Cancer Research Scheme.

Education (Scotland)—Copy of Regulations as to Grants to Secondary Schools in Scotland, 1908.

Irish Universities Bill, 1908—Copy of Preliminary Draft of the Articles of a Charter for the University to have its seat in Belfast.

Irish Universities Bill, l908—Copy of Preliminary Draft of the Articles of a Charter for the University to have its seat in Dublin.

Mines and Quarries Copy of Reports of His Majesty's Inspectors of Mines to the Secretary of State for the Home Department under the Coal Mines Regulation Acts, 1887 to 1896, the Metalliferous Mines Regulation Acts, 1872 and 1875, and the Quarries Act, 1894, for the year 1907.

Cyprus.—Copy of Correspondence relating to the affairs of Cyprus.

Irish Land Commission (Proceedings).—Copy of Return of Proceedings of the Irish Land Commission during the month of December, 1907.

Prisons (Scotland).—Copy of Thirtieth Annual Report of the Prison Commissioners for Scotland, being the Sixty-ninth Annual Report on Prisons in Scotland, 1907.

Treaty Series (No. 10, 1908).—Copy of Agreement between the United Kingdom and France respecting Death Duties, signed at London, 15th November, 1907. Ratifications exchanged at London, 9th December, 1907.

Trade Report (Annual Series).—Copies of Diplomatic and Consular Reports, Annual Series, Nos. 3972–3974, and 3977.

Miscellaneous, No. 3 (1908).—Copy of Correspondence with His Majesty's Ambassador at Berlin respecting a Declaration by the Governments of Great Britain, Denmark, France, Germany, the Netherlands, and Sweden on the subject of the maintenance of the status quo in the territories bordering upon the North Sea.

Ordered, That the said Papers do lie upon the Table.