HC Deb 30 May 1907 vol 175 cc51-2

To ask the Secretary to the Treasury whether he can state the number of tenements to be dealt with in the revaluation of Dublin; how many of these have been already surveyed and valued respectively; and what increase has been made in the staff of the Commissioner of Valuation to enable the revaluation to be carried out with reasonable expedition.

(Answered by Mr. Runciman.) I am informed that the number of tenements to be dealt with in the revaluation of

(Answered by Mr. Runciman.) A complete Answer to this Question in the form it is put would require, I am informed, an examination of the circumstances of every promotion since the date of the Minute, and I do not think such an exhaustive inquiry would be justified by its results. The Commissioners of Customs inform me, however, that the special promotions to which the Question refers have been few in number throughout, and they have given me the following information concerning special promotions in the outdoor department since the appointment of the present Board in 1904.

Promotions made since the 1st January, 1904, on account of exceptional merit or special services:—

Dublin is estimated at 47,000. The number surveyed and measured to date is about 3,200. In addition to this a set of maps for the whole city, showing every holding, and a complete copy of the valuation lists for the city have been prepared. The present increase in the staff of the office is five surveyors.