HC Deb 27 May 1907 vol 174 c1299

To ask Mr. Attorney-General whether, having regard to the fact that the experiment of compulsory registration of title in the county of London for the past eight years, under the Land Transfer Act, 1897, is practically a failure and very adversely affects the marketability of property in London by adding greatly to the expense, difficulty, and delay in dealings with property, the Government have considered, or will consider, whether the Privy Council Order applying the experiment to London should be revoked; and whether any other county in the United Kingdom has applied for the application ofthe Act.

(Answered by Sir John Walton.) The Government have no intention of recommending that the Order in Council should be revoked, but have it in contemplation to inquire into the working of the Land Transfer Acts with a view to the removal of any alleged objections. No other county has applied to be brought under the Act.