HC Deb 27 May 1907 vol 174 c1296

To ask the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs if the claims of Fowler & Company, British subjects, of Cienfuegos, against the Spanish Government have yet been settled; and, if not, will he ascertain why settlement has been deferred for over ten years, and secure some assurance from the Spanish Government that the matter will now receive their attention.

(Answered by Secretary Sir Edward Grey.) In my reply to the hon. Member's Question on this subject of 26th March last,†I explained that the settlement of the claim in question, in common with that of other Colonial claims against the Spanish Government, is delayed by the provisions of the law of 30th July, 1904. Until the Report of the Committee appointed to examine the claims has been presented payment cannot, I fear, be expected. His Majesty's Embassy at Madrid are continuing to urge upon the Spanish Government the necessity of hastening the labours of the Committee in question.